Am I boring? I’ll tell you after my nap.

I think I used to be an interesting person but now I think I’m boring.


It seems, over the past few years, that I’ve become much more bland.  All the things I used to have the time and energy for seem to have fallen by the wayside.  I still think they’re cool…but apparently not enough to become involved in them again.

Let’s take modeling for instance…no, not that kind of modeling.  Like models of cars, planes, tanks, spaceships…that kind of modeling.  I used to be good for at least several decent models a year and now the thought of setting up a space required and the amount of time and work involved in actually assembling and painting the model makes me run for the couch.  I’ve got an AWESOME $250.00 model of the NX-01 from the Star Trek series Enterprise…I’ve even got a lighting kit for it.  Check out the still of someone else making the model…doesn’t it look cool?  It’s in my downstairs closet, still in the box.

But it’s not just models…it’s making music, actually collecting comics, it’s playing football in an afternoon league, acting on stage…it’s a bunch of things.  Is it because I’m getting older and thusly less active?

I just don’t want to become boring but I think it’s too late.  Apparently I bore myself.   Perhaps this is simply the beginning of a midlife crisis and a tattoo or something will take care of it.  I’m not unhappy, in fact it’s quite the contrary…I guess I just miss doing some of the things I find fun.

So, this weekend I’ll reinvest myself into one of my old hobbies.  Perhaps I’ll start small…maybe a rocket launch, or a snap-tite…hehe.  Maybe a tart, or perhaps something else baked…maybe I’ll social engineer my way into a NOC somewhere.  I’ve just got to do SOMETHING!



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