A great night…


I got a chance to meet with my old friend Rob.  It was great to see him after so very long.  We really shared every memorable moment one could have between 17 and 21.  What an impressionable time in our lives to be one another’s grip on reality.  That’s exactly what we were so it’s no surprise we had to go our separate ways, after all, 17 is no time for reality.    Things were moving from ‘childhood’ to ‘adulthood’ and we weren’t necessarily ready for that.   Funny thing is…that shit happens when you least expect it…which is why we went our separate ways.  I always looked at Rob as a younger brother and when I lost him to the vagaries of life I just chalked it up to a life lesson to be learned.  Things happen and that’s that right?  Wrong…looking back on it now the reasons we stopped being friends were silly.  He had birds whispering in his ear and I was looking for justification…no easy way out.  Things look so much bigger as a young adult…then, if I knew what a REAL problem was perhaps the things I was going through would have been placing into a more proper perspective…who knows.

Regardless…it was absolutely fantastic that we got together tonight.  One of the things that made me believe Rob hadn’t changed much was his wife.  She was a bundle of smiles and obviously in love with Rob.  If such a bright, intelligent woman as she loved Rob it was clear to me that within him still burned the same thing that made me love him.

That all being said…it doesn’t matter because I reconnected with a person that meant a lot to me.  I’m not saying that my life has changed…but it’s another piece of my past that doesn’t hurt so much.  I spent a lot of time trying to push people away from me…and finally when I start to understand who I am…I want to bring these people closer.  And tonight was a step in that direction…I hope.  I love and have missed you Rob, thanks for inviting me tonight and thanks for being so gracious.  I can’t wait to reciprocate.

Thanks bud.


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