Deeah Santa, I would like some aaahhhttt! (That’s ‘art’ for those outside of Ma.)

Most people who know me would think I would ask for something Patriots related or gaming related for Christmas.  You would be wrong!  Since I’m getting older my tastes have become a tad more refined.

Ok, maybe that last statement was a lie because I still eat pickles out of the jar while standing in front of the fridge at 2:30 am.  BUT…my “want list”  has evolved a bit.  I’ve collected Pearl Jam tour posters for a LONG time and have framed a few of them.  They’re quite cool and I’ll frame the rest over the next few years.  This collection has tickled something and I’ve really been into art lately.  My current faves include work by Brian Kappel and his work on the Space Monkey Design Blog.  His robots are quite nice and apparently quite affordable at $45.00.  Check him out…it’s an easy way to get into collecting and support our collection of modern artists.  These are pretty cool designs and I’m sure you know someone who would dig getting one of these at Christmas.  It’s a unique gift that will folks will remember…and who doesn’t love giant robots?



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