Operation Clusterf@ck

I’m convinced that when you’ve got over 20 people who have input into a product that it’s a bad thing.  I’m involved with a project and it’s  just a cluster because so many people are “in the loop.”

I much prefer the comforts of a smaller group.  Smaller groups allow for much simpler lines of communication and an easily defined chain of command.  Big companies suck for more reasons than smaller ones do.  I don’t really know how to navigate through this bullshit that I’m encountering.  So many personalities that will bowl me over if I don’t bowl them over first…I don’t know how to deal with these people.

Now the question is…how do I react?  Do I step back to avoid the mess or do I voice my opinion, take on the masses and try to organize things in my own logical manner?  If I do get involved I’m not sure what will happen…but isn’t that better than “stepping back” and knowing what WON’T happen?

I’m debating.  Sometimes I have the energy for such projects…sometimes I don’t.  This will be a struggle if I do become involved.




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