I am the Least Patient Person on the Planet!

Waiting for a house to sell is actually multitudes worse than waiting for water to boil.

If we don’t sell our house then we’ll lose the house we’ve made an offer on.

The Billerica house has a lot going for it and we’re anxious to get the deal done and move in.  My fear is we’re not going to get the townhouse sold in time and we’ll end up in a crappy split-level somewhere for WAY too much money.  The house in Billerica is actually quite unique and has an interesting history that spans over 100 years and yet only 3 families.

There are some negatives about the house.  The location, while in a wooded area, is close to Boston Road, which isn’t ideal.  However, the house itself is secluded with woods surrounding us on all sides.  The house is heated with oil and has NO gas…but I guess that’s easily solved by buying a large propane tank.  All in all we LOVE the house and desperately hope to sell ours so we can proceed!

If you’re interested or know anyone who’s interested in buying a fantastic townhome in Westford let me know!



One thought on “I am the Least Patient Person on the Planet!

  1. Looks like a great house. We wish you all the luck in a quick and profitable sale of your town house. A couple of years from now , we may have taken you up on the sale, as I’m not liquid enough right now to pick up another property. It would have been nice to have a home to go to when we visit. Keep your fingers crossed, and I’ll keep mine crossed too.

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