Macs + Valve = Awesome, but a Little Too Late

While I do have an iPhone, it’s no secret that I’m not an Apple fanboy.  One of the first things fanboys mention to me is “Well, Macs don’t get virii or spyware like Windows machines do.”

Over the last decade Mac’s have accounted for less than 3% of the total PC market share, which explains the reason why Macs aren’t the primary target for Spyware/Virus authors.

That being said…the same reason Macs are less susceptible to these hazards are the same reason why Macs don’t have much in the way of gaming software available.  Developers want as many people as they can get to play their games…and that, by corporate strategy, isn’t the Mac crowd.

That is…until now.  Kotaku announced today that Counter Strike will hit Macs next week.  In fact, Valve has mysteriously bent over backwards to accommodate Mac users.

Wow…it’s only taken 11 years to get Counter-Strike onto the Mac.  What’s next…Everquest?

Thank Valve for this, not Apple!  Mac fanboys…your time has finally come!  Just when society is finally moving away from relying on PC’s for gaming!  Consoles are just now entering into the online domain for more than just gaming.  They’re taking on some of the tasks, like web-streaming and serving media, that will finally usher in the age of the connected family.

Gaming for me, and I’m guessing others, has driven MAJOR hardware purchases.  I’m very curious how Apple, as a company, would have faired with gaming exclusivity similar to what was afforded by the PC crowd.  How would the Apple’s corporate landscape be different?  How would gaming hardware have evolved?

I LOVE that Apple has embraced gaming on the iPhone,  In fact, I would say that Apple finally recognized that gaming can drive industry and they started promoting the iPhone as a gaming platform.

In my opinion, a little too late.

Have a GREAT weekend!



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