Where did the time go?

It seems like yesterday I made a post…but apparently that was almost 2 weeks ago!

Anyhoo, I’ve been really busy lately.  We just got back from a road trip-vacation to Virginia.  If you follow me on Facebook you’ve already seen the photos, for those of you NOT on FB I’ll post a few of them here.  We had a BLAST!  I was born in and lived in Virginia until I was 10, but I’ve been back many, many times as I still have immediate and extended family there.  There are Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, Sisters, Brothers, Nephews and Nieces…lot’s of people to visit!  I didn’t get a chance see everyone I had hoped to see, but there is next time!  The rural routes are set to 55 mph, so getting between places is fun…except in the dark and especially after seeing several deer trying to cross the road.

This visit was remarkable because I’ve never done so many tourist-y things in Va.  We spent several days touring Richmond, including the beautiful Capitol Building, The Cathedral of the Sacred Heart and heard the organ being worked on,  Carytown, Monument Avenue, KrispyKreme – HOT, NOW, Byrd Park, The Jefferson Hotel and beautiful Dogwood Dell.  We also spent several days in Charlottesville visiting UVA, and Monticello and Luray Caverns which was quite the experience.  We even found a time machine and went back to the ’70’s for a steak dinner at Aberdeen Barn Steakhouse.  Read my review here.  We visited with family and shot things!

Lot’s of fun!

Work isn’t a lot of fun, but that’s par for the course when launching new stuff…that’s what has been taking up my time!



One thought on “Where did the time go?

  1. Wow, I just read your review of Aberdeen’s… $225!! You could have gone to a Ruths Chris. I had the best steak I’ve ever had there, but your going to drop at least that much. Like you however I would have searched out the local favorite instead of a chain.
    On our next road trip, I’m going to look up restaurants featured on Man vs. Food as well as other similiar Travel Channel type channels. I probably will be dissapointed as well. What the heck,, at least you said you went there.
    I’m glad you guys had a good trip.

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