FRINGE – Season 1 (on Blu Ray)

With the demise of shows like Lost, Heroes, Flash Forward and others my wife has decided that we’ve got enough room to add another show to our normal viewing schedule. There are enough sitcoms, enough reality, enough sci/infotainment shows on and with the demise of some our regular shows there is a definite lack of weirdness.

This is where FRINGE comes in. I purchased the Blu Ray version of Season 1 to start the process of catching my wife up to speed before the season 3 premiere. We’re in the middle of the set and it’s interesting to see how clunky the first few episodes are and how intentionally bizarre the characters are in order to introduce them.  It seems to work though, because just like me, my wife has been sucked in.  Having watched the entire series on Hulu it’s been interesting watching the series for a second time. I’m noticing a bunch of things that I initially missed, which is always delightful.

Olivia is super hot and super smart.
Walter is awesomely kooky and the real soul of the show.
Paycee Peter is surprisingly good.
Even the smaller roles are really good. Astrid is a perfect foil for Walter.  Broyles is a good boss character…he reminds me of a stern Oscar from the Six Million Dollar Man.

I’m not sure I understand exactly why they’re waiting until Sept. 14th to release Season 2. That gives us only a week to watch a season’s worth of episodes! Thank goodness for the DVR. By the time we catch up I’ll be able to watch several episodes of this coming season without having to wait.

The producers have their work cut out for them.  It’s possible that with such a big season finale that the may have jumped…and I hope that’s not the case.  The first season of Heroes was really good and the arc of “Save the Cheerleader, Save the World” was so good that we were no longer surprised by anything they’ve done.  I’m desperately hoping that’s NOT the case with FRINGE, one of my favorite shows!



4 thoughts on “FRINGE – Season 1 (on Blu Ray)

  1. A similar thing is going on at home here after LOST, finally found itself…. or not …. I have no idea what the hell happened.
    I’m happy with the fact that I just haven’t been able to get into the primetime shows which people have become so enamoured.
    The DVR’s…… There is an appliance that I probobly wouldn’t miss if they disappeared……Yes… I said they. We have 2. One in the living room and the other in the bedroom. One just wasn’t enough. Don’t get me wrong, the ability to stop a feed so you don’t miss anything while you’re mixing up another Crown ‘n’ Coke or to rewind a movie to see the 86 Camaro drive by in the back ground during a movie based in the mid 70’s (this really pisses her off) is pretty cool. Necessary? No. If I miss something on TV it doesn’t bother me for too long. The thing that gets me is although we now have 5 TV’s in the house, there are times that I want to relax and watch in the living room or my bedroom and there have been times that there are 2 shows taping on each so I can’t watch what I want. I know for a fact that most of the stuff she tapes never gets watched and erased, but it’s too important to miss (insert sarcasm and rolling eyes here).
    Darn…. I can’t remember what the point is that I am trying to make. Oh well. I see Man Vs. Food is on, I think I’ll watch……

  2. Great comment John! I actually LOVE my DVR’s because they free me from the bonds of the TV schedule. I get to watch the shows I want WHEN I want…so it makes my life easier. I understand the “taping two shows” dilemma, but technology is working on that solution.

  3. I recently started watching Fringe myself when I last visited my family in Newfoundland. Chris persuaded me to watch some, and I just absorbed the content and couldn’t stop. Not too pleased about the ending of S2, though!

  4. Thanks for the comment Nick. I thought the ending of season two was a tad predictable. It was clear to me what was going to happen, but it was still exciting.

    In fact, the season finale and the final few shows leading up to the finale were so revealing I’m wondering how they can surprise us next season. When a show fails to surprise you (like heroes season 2, 3, and 4) it jumps the shark…for me anyway. I’m hoping that’s not the case with FRINGE.

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