Cool Concepts in Video: Thanks YouTube!

There is no doubt the internet is rife with great videos.  Some are better than others and this post is to highlight a few of the better ones.  I can consume videos all day, the quality to quantity ratio is a bit off on YouTube.  I’ve found a few I think you’ll like.

Check this one out.

This content already existed, but I love that this dude thought it would be cool, compiled and editing INTO something cool.  Nice work Landstrider

The Faking Hoaxer takes it up several notches.  This guy is amazing and you should spend the time to watch each of these videos.  WARNING:  Some of these videos are disturbing but not in a gory or gratuitous way but even the author takes pains to make sure you know it’s NOT real.  Great stuff.

Tilt Shift is an amazing process that makes the normal seem miniature.  It bends your brain into thinking that you’re looking at a toy…very odd, but mesmerizing.

Sharing and consuming this kind of content is new to humanity…and it’s easy to overindulge.  That’s why when I find a good video I like to share!

What are some of YOUR favorite videos?  Share!



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