I just saw a photo that really affected me and I can’t “un-see” it.

It was a photo of a very young, deceased child, buried all but the face.  It’s eyes are wide open and a hand is coming down to brush dirt off this child’s face.  It looked much like my child and I’m quite bothered.  It takes me right back to the Caribbean and the tragedies I saw there.  Seeing a child like that stays with a person forever, and becomes part of them.

Obviously tragedy like this happens everyday.  This particular scene was taken after the Bhopal chemical accident where 3000 people died as a result.  It’s only until you’re personally involved and forced to deal with the consequences of death that it becomes so shocking that it becomes you.

Being alive, but literally feeling death strikes a helpless chord inside of a person.

Please, go hug your children.  Protect them.


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