So, it’s 12:54 and I’m sitting here wondering why I’m still awake.

It’s during these weird times that I’m most introspective and it’s probably for the worst.

I’m a 42 year old wondering when the adults are going to come and tell me to turn the TV off.  I don’t want to turn the TV off…so there is going to be a big fuss.

Well, funny or not it’s not good.  I feel like I’m looking for confrontation.  I’m still a bit miffed about being laid off despite my posts to the contrary.  I kept pushing my point of view because it’s something I believe in.  To see a company with the power to change lives ignore my pleas to focus on the end user was and is very frustrating.  It gives me a perverse sense of pleasure to see that the company’s stock has dropped 40% in the days since my departure.

Yeah, I know it’s not because of me but I take pride in knowing it’s because they’ve ignored the principles I’ve been pushing for the past 4 years.  Hey, I understand that I’m not the originator of the concept of developing content with the end user in mind, but it’s something that’s been lacking in our process.  I’ve been working to reintroduce that concept into the workflow, but alas, I’ve been ignored.  For a company full of people obsessed with impressing their boss I can’t imagine they’ve viewed their previous year’s work as a success.  In working so hard to make bosses happy they’ve alienated those that originally gave them success…the end user.  The project I was working on is…and WAS a mess because no one was interested in creating something that made a difference in people’s lives…it was all about monetization.

How’s that working out for you?

It also doesn’t make me happy to hear my direct superiors promoting my ideas as their own, when they shot them down when I initially proposed them.  Wasn’t good enough for you then?  That sort of action will come to light eventually and you’ll eventually be exposed.

I guess they got away with it because I’m the one unemployed but at least I’ve got some dignity.  Unfortunately dignity doesn’t pay bills.

It’s 1:24 am, goodnight.  I’ll review this in the morning and probably remove it…heh, funny how that works.



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