Time to Face the Fa(c)t.

I’m almost 43 years old and I’m in the worst shape of my life.

Height: 5 ft. 11.5 in.  Weight: 238  = BMI of over 33 which is obese!

Obese?  That doesn’t sound right.

Guess what?  It IS right.  I AM obese and probably suffering from all the associated negatives that come along with being unhealthily fat.  Yeah, I’m not visibly super huge, but I’m unable to do the things I enjoy…and I’m feeling every day of my 42 years.  It’s time to work towards a healthier, more active me.

Exercise schedule is as follows;

Cardio:  Working up to 45 minutes each day 6 days a week.  10 minutes would kick my ass right now.

Stretching:  Thinking about Yoga, but whatever I do stretching is key.  I’m currently feeling like my range of movement is very small.

Nautilus:  This comes in after a few weeks of cardio.  I plan on an upper/lower body circuit, alternating each day…6 days a week.  Max weight 15 reps x 3 sets.  I’m going for fat loss not bulk, so for the time being I’m avoiding max weight 10 reps.

Nutrition is the key to it all and the toughest for me to master.  Besides loving food, I’m the everyday cook for my family.  If it were up to me I’d eat chicken breast poached in stock, steamed broccoli, and whole grain rice every night but the family can’t maintain it.

Doing some figuring, I’ve determined that I’ll need to eat around 2400 calories a day in 6 meals spread throughout the day.  Eating after 7 is PROHIBITED and I’ll be focusing my carbs on the earlier meals.

So…the trick is to get started.  We’ve got a few family trips coming up, but I’m going to try to work around them instead of waiting.  We’ll see…check back here for updates if you’re interested.


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