Right or Privilege? – Searching for Smarter Gun Control

Gun control is a touchy subject.

Second AmendmentWeapons in the United States are here to stay.  I love to target shoot, with the smell of the gunpowder, the fun in zeroing in on the bull’s eye, and the crack in the air when I pull the trigger.  There’s also something very powerful about a gun and I dig controlling that power.  I would say it’s a “guy thing,” but the increasing number of women weapon owners could dispel that notion.

Unfortunately, guns also kill people.  In fact, they were originally designed as a weapon specifically to kill humans.  Yes, there IS hunting, but claiming that an AR does a better job than a hunting rifle or a shotgun is a silly argument.


800 rounds of ammunition in 1 minute

Most Americans own assault weapons because they’re cool.  Having personally “qualified” on the M16 while in boot camp I can tell you they’re fun to shoot, but are complete overkill for hunting.  I don’t care if you’re hunting a woolly mammoth, no one needs to dispense 800 rounds per minute while hunting.

Firstly, there has to be more research on a national level on “smart” gun technology.  To accompany that, each weapon manufacturer should be required to implement “smart” bio-metric weapon lock technology into each weapon it produces.


This would render the weapon useless to all but the owner, who has complete weapon functionality.  It should be noted that there are several technologies available as of this writing, but none are perfected.  The N.R.A. continues to pressure weapon manufacturers and the development of this technology will remain on the shelf until it becomes national law.


Legislation should also go further.  Consider this, the only safety equipment installed on weapons is the weapon “safety” which is a simple switch conveniently placed for easy access.  Can you imagine owning a car that anyone could start without needing YOUR keys?  Gun manufacturing laws should be tighter!

Every car that enters the U.S. must meet our safety requirements, why doesn’t each weapon?  Currently all you’ve got to do is fill out paperwork and pay a fee.

Secondly, the criteria for owning a weapon has got to be more stringent. Currently in many states all you need is a safety course and $100.00, and in some states there are NO requirements or restrictions on carrying a concealed weapon.  In depth training, psychological evaluation, drug testing, proof of weapon locks, all should be considered before allowing anyone to own a firearm.

It should be a major pain in the ass for all but the sane and responsible to obtain weapons.


Sportsmen, hunters, and other responsible gun owners shouldn’t have any issues meeting the requirements and potential problem applicants would be highlighted by the process.

It’s time for all Americans to understand that it’s no longer 1791.  Owning a weapon in modern America, with its millions of people, can no longer simply be a right…it MUST become a privilege.

I’m urging everyone to support a change to the 2nd amendment that supports responsible manufacturing, legislation and ownership of weapons in the United States.



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