Shhh…Don’t Tell Anyone I’ve Started Posting Again.

GhandiCheIt’s my hope that this blog has been dormant long enough for me to safely return Much has gone on in the last few years and during the coming months I’ll unfurl those past years and lay the foundation for what’s to come.  It could become a very busy and exciting time if I’ve got the wherewithal to embrace change.  Change, generally, comes very hard to me but in order to grow change MUST occur…right?

I feel like a modern day Hobbit who is eager for comfort, warmth and a predictable day.  So many goals but I’ve got to get over my penchant for comfort in order to achieve them.

Trying to recall the discipline I showed a few years ago when I quit smoking and shed fifty pounds isn’t as easy as one might thing.  Upon recall I’m at a loss understand how I was able to mentally adapt and push through…that’s what two years of treading will do for a man.  Awful stuff.

But, I’ve got my tasks ahead planned out…and with some focus I’ll push through these barriers.

Maybe I’ll even get bold and start televising the revolution.



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