I’m redefining my work space in the coming weeks and not quite sure on the layout.

I’m envisioning several different sections to this new space.

WorkspaceFirstly, having all (or most) of my PCs connected would be great and all 3 of my monitors running would also be ideal. I have a few KVM switches that allow a single keyboard and mouse to be used by several computers, so controlling everything should be a snap. It would also be great to have a larger screen tv, like a 42″ and a cable box for capturing broadcast media. Ultimately we’d like to cut our cable TV off completely, but until live is broadcast that would be a tough pill to swallow come game-day.

Secondly, there should be some sort of open work space that doubles as a photo/video box. I could use my standing work bench, but I’m going to create a camera mount directly over top of that space viewing down so that the FOV of the camera would capture everything happening on the desk. Several rolls of material, black, white, chroma key green & blue, etc…would sit on the opposite wall, ready to be used as a background if needed.

Lastly, a section for tools and such would be great. Where if I needed something basic I could build it quickly.

So…this is what I’m working towards.  Perhaps I’ll detail the building along the way.



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