The Force Is Strong With (UNNAMED FAMILY MEMBER)!

I’ve got a family member who works for Hasbro and he seems to enjoy his job, and it’s no wonder.

I’d love to have input on some of these amazing properties!

One of the benefits to having a relative working at Hasbro is that I get AWESOME gifts at special occasions.  The most recent being a belated Christmas present of a Star Wars ObiWan Kenobi Force FX Lightsaber Collectible!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve installed to blade, turned it on 12 times, uninstalled the blade, pretended like I was holding an unlit lightsaber, take offense at something some Cantina ruffian mentioned about my Mother, cut it’s _____ off and to subsequently restore peace and calm.

Ok, sorry for two videos in one post, but it’s worth it.


May the Force be with you…always.




One thought on “The Force Is Strong With (UNNAMED FAMILY MEMBER)!

  1. You know, they should market all those animatronic toys without the skins. That skinned Elmo looked awesome, and nightmares are an important part of a growing child’s mental development! Maybe have different skins. Tickle Me Cthulu might be a good seller.

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