Summer 2013 Movie Preview: Man Of Steel

Reboots can be risky.  Poor reboots, even riskier.  Poor reboots of poor reboots have the potential to kill a franchise.

Let’s hope that Zack Snyder does right by the Man of Steel and the film becomes the new standard.  No more of reboots, no more main character acting changes.

First reports are promising, and the trailers are , of course, exciting.  I like the concept of dealing with Kal El as an alien and exploring how we, as a planet, react that news.  Pa Kent even mentions, “You’re the answer to, ‘Are we alone in the universe’.”

I’m also hoping that we get a bit more insight into Krypton and it’s people.  Focusing on Krypton isn’t something any of the movies have done so far but I’m thinking we’ll get more of a Zod back story than last time.

Russell Crow (who is AMAZING) does the voice over narration (which is AMAZING) in the trailers.  He eludes to the fact that Kal El will aspire to something greater, be an ideal to strive towards, and help humans accomplish wonders.  This is the perfect setup for Superman’s real dilemma, his earth-bred self doubt (Pa Kent) vs. his shining purpose (Jor EL) in a duel to the death.

It would be tidy if resulting incarnation of “Kal Kent”, or “Clark El”  defeats Zod, following the common Hollywood formula.  I’m hoping this movie isn’t common Hollywood formula.

Ultimately I’m a sucker for a good super hero movie.  Heck, I didn’t mind Superman Returns…with the exception of the second half of the movie.

We’ve got all the ingredients here:

  • The most popular comic franchise of all time.
  • An unknown lead who looks the part.
  • Oscar winning actors and actresses.
  • Writer from the Dark Knight trilogy.
  • Director of 300 and Watchmen
  • The best FX money can buy.

Here’s to an awesome summer movie season.  Are you going to see Man of Steel?  What are YOU hoping for?



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