Summer 2013 Movie Preview: Pacific Rim

My parents divorced in 1975, and my Mom and I were on our own.  As a treat we would go to the drive-in movies on Friday nights to see the Godzilla double features.  Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla and Godzilla vs. Megalon both featured giant monsters vs. giant robots.  To this day I still remember those special movie nights.  So when I first heard about Pacific Rim I tried to imagine just how it would be pulled off.  When they signed Del Toro to direct I knew it would be very cool.

Who doesn’t love giant robots fighting monsters?  And it’s Guillermo Del Toro using state of the art CGI…uh, hello?  Of course it will be awesome.

I have learned to love everything Guillermo Del Toro makes.  It’s always a treat to discover that his imagination is just a little deeper than yours.  From Hell Boy, to Pans Labyrinth, to the Hobbit, his work demands the viewers attention simply due to the depth of vision.  If you don’t keep up you’ll certainly miss something special.

So you might be thinking…”‘Giant robots vs. giant monsters + depth = ?”  Check the clip below.

Is that badass or what?

I want to know more about the failed single pilot test candidates.  That’s a whole movie in and of itself!

I’m assuming that this “drifting” will both the reason for failure AND ultimate success.  It represents not only our human spirit, but our shared, or collective human spirit, which has to be stronger than some dumb giant monster…right?  It’ll be interesting to see how this dynamic fits into the overarching story line.

Also very interesting are the shots of the robot head “cockpit,” which is houses the two pilots on top of the Jaeger.  I’ve read about arguments on forums discussing how unrealistic it is to put the pilots IN the head, which amuse me considering it’s a fantasy movie.  C’mon peeps…let it go and have fun, it’s a summer blockbuster movie.

All in all I can’t wait to see this film!

Check out showtimes here!


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