Nerd Girls in Their Native Habitat Watching a Hobbit Trailer = Cute

I was lucky enough to marry a nerd girl and I can tell you from experience that nerd girls are awesome.

There is quite a bit of variety in the world of Girl Nerd-dom.  For instance, Anime Nerd Girls can be quite different from Gaming Nerd Girls and Gaming Nerd Girls can be quite different from Slide Rule Nerd Girls, and visa-versa.

In the following video the two young ladies seem to be Fantasy Nerd Girls, who I’ve found to be excellent conversationalists (not THESE girls per se, but Fantasy Nerd Girls in general).  The only problem is that the “Fantasy” genre covers such a wide rage of content…hence, your GF might decide to dress as Voldemort.  Who wants to make out with Voldemort?  Not me.

Check them out…they’re in the Fantasy Nerd Girl’s native habitat, and forget they’re being filmed.  They’re adorable.

I can remember completely freaking out watching a trailer for a much anticipated movie.  What movies have done this to you?



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