“Mind Your Manners” by Pearl Jam – from Lightning Bolt (New Album!!!)

Anyone who knows me knows that Pearl Jam is my favorite band so I’m freaking out right now.

Listen to the song first and we’ll chat about it below.

Firstly, let me say the song was amazing.  It’s something that would fit into “No Code” effortlessly…It’s divine.

Frenetically paced from the start with the scalar guitar rifting in and out like a bucking bronco just released from the gate this song delivers!

I can see McCready’s head bouncing as I listen to him rip up his guitar.  Pearl Jam’s efforts have always been expertly produced, and if this track is an example, this album is no exception.  I can clearly hear Stone’s riff driving the song, and Jeff’s bass dancing  around the melody.


And Eddie is forever Eddie.  I can’t wait to hear more!  We’ll certainly be at the Worcester show, and the Hartford and Philly shows.



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