Moonbase: Negative, Flying Car: Negative, Jetpack: AFFIRMATIVE!

When I was young my favorite book was the “Charlie Brown Book of Science Questions and Answers.”  This book was amazing, especially to an 8 year old with a curious mind and active imagination!

My first understanding of what space was and what it was made up of were learned directly from the pages of this book, with some help from Snoopy and Woodstock.

The seeds of my fanatical obsession with space and space exploration were sewn in the hours spent reading this book.

The book also made statements about the possibilities of future technologies.  For instance, it was proposed that by the time I was an adult that we may be living in permanent colonies on the moon.  Another proposal was that we’d all be flying in personal flight vehicles, whether they be like flying cars, or jet packs, which had been a common theme in discussing about “the future.”

We don’t have a moon base, nor flying cars, but we do have a newly legalized personal flight vehicle!  While it’s not a jet pack it’s certainly the next best thing.

Check it…

Very cool eh? Unfortunately it’s only been legalized in New Zealand, but it’s just another great reason to move there…besides the Hobbits.



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