School of Rock Reunion

I thought “School of Rock” was a pretty decent movie if you go into it understanding what you were going to get.

While perusing the Intergoogz I came across this video, which I thought was pretty cool considering the movie has been out for over a decade now.

Check it…

Some folks can’t stand Jack Black, but I’ve always been a fan of his. Also a huge fan of Tenacious D, the band he fronts with the awesomely plain Kyle Gass. Jack has had some really hits and some real bombs, but this movie is cute, funny, and full of him and Joan Cusack so it’s a win!

Anyone who’s familiar with Jack knows what a great voice and talent he has for music. It’s clear these kids have continued to pursue the musical arts…the guitar solo surprised me. The smart-alec on the drums isn’t so bad either.

Cheers, and enjoy!


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