Views from Bancroft’s Castle – Groton, MA.

Hopefully you enjoyed these as much as I enjoyed taking them.



Boston Comic Con 2013!

Story Driven Stop Motion Short

I love this!  Though it’s not mine, I wish it was!

Address Is Approximate from The Theory on Vimeo.


Playing with Particles in After Effects CC

SuperCut: The Queen Wagon Family Truckster

I was working on this last night for a few hours. What a great movie!


Star Wars Episode VII Won’t Suck Musically

We don’t know much about Star Wars Episode VII but we DO know that it’ll sound awesomely familiar.

I’ve always contended that the Star Wars universe was seared into our brains in large part due to the music of Composer John Williams.  This AWESOME announcement ensures that legacy will continue into the far future!

Great, great, great news.  I’ve been looking for continuity between the original trilogy, the prequel trilogy, and now the upcoming future trilogy and this is the glue that’s going to do it.  Cheers, congratulations, and thanks to John Williams.

If you don’t have any of Mr. Williams work on your mobile, get it here, and here.


New England Patriots Training Camp 2013