Becoming Healthier

For the last 5 years I’ve attempted to get healthier.

  • quit smoking some time ago, which was a difficult to say the least.
  • I lost a bunch of weight, put it back on again, lost some of it and them put it all back on again.
  • I got married.
  • I bought a bunch of workout clothes…doesn’t that count?
  • I’ve read several books on nutrition including Power Eating.
  • Bought a scale and trying to use correct portion controls.

According to my research I should be eating around 3100 calories a day, which includes:

227  grams of protein which equals 908 calories.

310 grams of carbohydrates which equals 1240 calories.

100 grams of fat which equals 900 calories

This is consumed over 8 meals a day, 390 calories per mean with the LAST meal being 2 units, which is 790 calories.  The FIRST time I lost weight I did so with fewer calories, but I ran out of energy quickly…so I hope this newer version of my nutritional plan works.

Here are the serving sizes and frequency I’m aiming for.

Food Group     Per Day    Standard Serving       Size Comparison

Meat or        1          2/3 cup cooked beans   A serving of meat is
alternatives                or lentils, 1 egg    about the size of the
                            (4 per week)         palm of your hand, or
                          3 ounces of cooked     a deck of cards.
                            lean beef,
                            poultry, or fish

Dairy          2-3        1 cup (250 ml.) milk   An ounce of hard
                          2 slices cheese        cheese is about the
                          1 small tub yogurt     size of a standard

Fruit          2-3        1 medium apple,        A half cup of cut
                            orange, banana       fruit is about the
                          2 small apricots,      size of a small fist.
                            plums, etc.
                         1/2 cup fruit juice

Vegetables     4-5       1 medium potato         A half cup of cooked
                         1/2 cup cooked          vegetables is about
                           vegetables            the size of a tennis
                         1 cup salad             ball.

Breads and     4-7       1 slice bread           A serving of rice,
cereals                  1/ cup of cooked        pasta, or noodles is
                         pasta or rice           about the size of a
                         1 bowl breakfast        baseball.

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